As many of us face the realisation that our spring/summer trips might have to be postponed while the world responds to the COVID-19 situation, we thought we’d provide some much-needed escapism for you all (and us too!). Every week we continue to post images of our island home, providing a little ‘virtual tour’ of the Hebrides for those of you who can’t make it over to Harris at the moment, and even for us here on the island, who currently can’t venture out to some of our favourite spots.
Our Classics Collection- Losgaintir, Huisinis, Seilebost, Sgarasta and Horgabost are all named after beaches on Harris, so for those of you who’ve missed some of our posts so far, here’s a little sneak peak as we visit those 5 beautiful beaches which inspired our original range of candles..
Seilebost (She-le-bost)
Seilebost beach is one of the most popular spots on the Isle of Harris, found along the west side of the island. With beautiful white sand that stretches into crystal clear water it's not hard to see why it's many people's favourite spot. The beach also inspired our Seilebost collection, which can be found here: https://essenceofharris.co.uk/collections/seilebost
Horgabost (Horg-a-bost)
Horgabost beach comes alive when the machair flowers bloom in the spring/summer seasons. With a picturesque campsite overlooking the beach, it's the perfect spot to pitch your tent and soak in those beautiful Hebridean views.
Sgarasta (Sca-rista)
A true Hebridean gem, Sgarasta beach can be found just along the coast from Horgabost. Miles of pristine, untouched sand is yours to roam, and many a time you'll have the whole beach to yourself. The stunning beach was the inspiration behind our Seaweed and Juniper Berries range, which can be found here: 
Losgaintir (Lus-ken-tyre)
Losgaintir is one of the largest and most well-known beaches on Harris, and it's clear to see why it's such a hot spot. It was named one of the UK’s best beaches in the TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Awards with it's amazing sand dunes, beautiful green/blue water and spectacular views.
Huisinis (Hoo-shin-ish)
Huisinis can be found along a long and winding drive through North Harris. You'll pass both the idyllic Bunavoneader tennis court and the beautiful Amhuinnsuidhe Castle before reaching the white sands of Huisinis. Did you know it was on Huisinis beach that the idea of Essence of Harris came to life? https://essenceofharris.co.uk/collections/huisinis
If you want to see more of our island- head over to our Instagram, Facebook or Twitter (@essenceofharris) and join us on a little virtual tour! Let us know if you’ve been to the places we’re posting, or if they’re on your bucket list. And if you have any photos of your time in the Hebrides feel free to share them with us by tagging @essenceofharris- let’s go on this virtual adventure together!
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