Many of us have started to move our work and lives indoors these days, and it feels like everyone is trying their best to adapt to this new way of living, coping with a situation which has, temporarily, become the norm. For some, working from home is a dream- endless cups of coffee, the choice of staying in our pj’s all day, and no lengthy commutes to work. For others, it’s a difficult transition.
We thought we’d compose a list that will hopefully make that transition a little bit easier for some of you- tips and tricks that the team at Essence of Harris have found beneficial when they’ve been working from home.
Creating a work space
We know how simple it can be to work from your bed- it’s warm, cosy and comforting. However, when you work from home, it’s important to create a work/life balance that benefits you, separating spaces in your home for work and others for relaxation and downtime. It can make a real difference to your productivity.
Try to find a practical, quiet space within your home to set up your own work station. Make sure you’re comfortable, and try to let in as much natural light as you can. For those days when you're feeling a little de-motivated, try lighting our Eden candle on your desk- with scents of Lemon Leaf and Thyme it's sure to give you that energy boost you need.
This is an important one! Creating routines, or sticking to routines you had been practising before, can be SO helpful in keeping us motivated. Get up at the same time each day, shower and get dressed; a simple routine you’d practice if you were heading into work as normal, so why forget about it when you’re at home? Keeping that routine going can help your brain switch into ‘work mode’ and allow you to feel more energised when tackling the day ahead.
A lot of the Essence of Harris team noted how making a To Do list at the start of their day helps them stick to a routine- ticking off tasks as they go throughout the day and helping them to focus on a plan ahead.
Remember that work/life balance we talked about? When you’re working from home it can be hard to ‘switch off’ from work when you’re not ever technically leaving the office, but allow time in your day to unwind- our minds and bodies need it.
Whether it’s reading a book or magazine, taking a relaxing bath, doing a home work-out session or baking a cake; find what brings you comfort and relaxation and make it a priority for the relaxation period of your day.
If you’re an advanced yogi, or simply like the idea of trying some yoga at home, why not follow along with our Youtube Channel where ourselves and Rachel from Eden Hot Yoga upload a free, accessible yoga session each Friday at 8pm.
This one is so important to us; social isolation doesn’t need to feel isolating. It is a real adjustment for a lot us not being able to see our friends, family and co-workers every day but with the wonders of technology we can try to keep communicating as much as possible; join online classes, skype call your coworkers who are also working from home and call friends and family. Keeping up communication can help tackle some of the anxiety you may feel building up about being isolated.
If you need anything from us, have any questions or comments, or simply just want to chat, you can use the ‘messenger’ icon on the bottom right hand side of our website and one of the team will be on hand to help.
We hope this has been helpful for a few of you, and do let us know if you have any more WFH tips- we'd love to hear them! 
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