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A sensual, indulgent fragrance with top notes of fresh green leaves and bergamot, combines with a warming, rich base of musk, spiced peppercorns, and heartwood sandal to create a creamy, delicate scent.

Adru takes it’s name from that given to the Isle of Harris itself, discovered on an ancient map by Greek astronomer Ptolemy c.150AC. The history and provenance of the island, along with the rugged landscape; from the rocky mountainous hills in the North, to the rolling peat moorland, and vast glens carved by glaciers, inspired our Sandalwood and Wild Nettle collection.

Auras Collection

Life’s stresses can dull our natural glow. Like energy that surrounds us, our Auras collection emanates soothing fragrances, relaxing yet uplifting the body and mind.

Inspired by the elemental aspects of our island, and designed to reflect the pace of life on the Isle of Harris, our Auras collection is focused on the well-being and the importance of self-care with candles to de-stress, relax and revitalise.


Calming and revitalising, Aurora plays with the gentle floral fragrances of soothing lavender and ylang-ylang.

Aurora was designed to promote the ultimate calm and well-being when you need it most. Soothing lavender is at the heart of our Aurora collection, helping you to tackle restless nights and anxious feelings with its calming qualities. 

Bath & Body

Indulge yourself with our range of luxury bath and body products. Hand poured with the same passion, quality and fragrance as the candles and home fragrance products you know and adore! 

Candles & Home Fragrance

Our scented soy wax candles and Scottish home fragrance products are all hand poured on the beautiful Isle of Harris using the finest ingredients. It's hard work and takes a long time, but these are memories worth making.

Inspired by our island home.


Tranquil and warm like spring, Eden fills the air with the natural citrus and herbal notes of lemon leaf and thyme.

A vibrant and uplifting scent, our Eden collection was designed to revitalise the senses. Fragrances of Lemon Leaf and Thyme create an energising natural energy in your home, lightening your mood and brightening your space; the perfect scent for spring.

Festive Collection

This is a seasonal collection and will be available in Winter 2022.

Re-introducing you to Frosted Cranberry, formally known as ‘Cranberry Christmas’. Delicate and sweet frosted cranberries lead into notes of tangy orange zest, complimented with a warming touch of cinnamon.

Introducing you to the newcomer, Spiced Plum. A rich and sophisticated scent created for cold Winter nights. Deliciously rich juicy plums blend with the deep sweetness of blackberry, cascading into a warming base of spiced clove. 

Frosted Cranberry

This is a seasonal collection and will be available in Winter 2022.

Delicately sweet, frosted cranberries lead into notes of tangy orange zest, complemented with a warming touch of cinnamon.

Inspiration:As the nights grow longer and the chill of winter grips the world outside, curl up and embrace the comforting traditions of the season. Wrapping presents by the fireside, twinkling lights and the warmth from a steaming glass of mulled wine, indulge in the true magic of the festivities.

Formally known as ‘Cranberry Christmas’.

Gift Sets

Introducing our NEW Gifting Collection.

Give the gift of relaxation and treat a loved one- or even yourself to our new gift sets beautifully presented in our luxurious, signature Essence of Harris boxes.


Searching for the perfect gift for those faraway friends and family?  Our gifting collection makes shopping for a loved one easier than ever, pick from a selection of our most popular products and fragrances below.


Horgabost plays with the zesty scent of Lemongrass, the aromatic sharpness of Sicilian lemons, and the warm spice of earthy ginger root to create a blend of fragrance that is sure to bring warmth to your home, even on the coldest days.

Inspiration:This sheltered stretch of sand is one of the island’s smallest beaches, but one of the most bustling and beautiful. Horgabost comes alive in the summer months with the machair in bloom and the picturesque campsite overlooking the beach full of people soaking in the Hebridean views; it is truly a magical place.


A delicious blend of Brazilian orange and pink pomelo enlivened with sweet grapefruit, fresh, juicy watermelon and hints of tart rhubarb and warming patchouli.

Inspiration: Huisinis beach was where the story of Essence of Harris began. If you have ever felt the sand between your toes on Huisinis beach, located in the rugged North end of the island, you will know exactly where the inspiration behind Essence of Harris came from. It is a truly special place.


Delicately balanced to ensure relaxation, our Losgaintir collection combines the soothing scents of sweet coconut and warming almond with a herbal base of fresh bergamot; fragrances that, when combined, exude pure tranquillity.

Inspiration: Our Coconut & Bergamot range is inspired by the world-famous Losgaintir beach, named one of the UK’s best beaches in the Tripadvisor’s Travellers’ Choice Awards. It is clear to see why Losgaintir is one of the island’s most loved destinations; nestled under the shadow of Beinn Losgaintir, golden sand stretches down from rolling dunes into crystal blue waters to create a Scottish paradise like no other.


Refreshing and pure, Oceana washes away your worries with the cleansing aromas of samphire and sea-minerals.

Inspired by the pristine coastline and clear blue waters of our island home, Oceana combines aromas of samphire and sea-minerals to cleanse your mind and transport you to the most tranquil white sand beaches of the Outer Hebrides. 


A sensual scent with a blend of sweet plum, pomegranate, patchouli and rose, set on a rich base of cedarwood and musk.


Inspiration: It is easy to get lost in the charm of Seilebost beach. Located along the west coast of the island, and with views across the water to Losgaintir beach, and the Island of Taransay, Seilebost is one of the island’s most spectacular hidden gems. As you make your way over the grassy dunes which sway in the Hebridean wind, you are suddenly met with an intimate stretch of white sand which rolls into clear blue water; welcome to Seilebost Beach.

Spiced Plum

This is a seasonal collection and will be available in Winter 2022.

Deliciously rich juicy plums blend with the deep sweetness of blackberry, cascading into a warming base of spiced clove.

Inspiration: As we settle into the season, layers hugging us tight, indulge in the warmth of coming home on a cold bitter night. Relax and unwind by the glow from a crackling fire and embrace the atmosphere of the most wonderful time of the year.