In a time when many of us are spending A LOT more time in our homes than we are used to, it’s important to be in a space that brings you joy. Creating a happy, peaceful home can look very different for each of us; it can mean filling your home with your favourite scents, nurturing some new plants to bring clean air and life into your house, or simply adding in some decor which sparks a little colour or personality into your space.
 We asked some of the Essence of Harris team what they are enjoying in their homes at the moment, and here are a few of the items bringing them a little comfort in these unusual times..
Deenie (founder) has been working around the clock to ensure that all of our Essence of Harris orders are fulfilled and shipped out to you- doing many a solo shift to keep all of the Essence of Harris team safe and well. “After a long day there’s nothing better than a hot bath and an Aurora candle burning beside me- anything to help me switch off and relax!”
Nicola (who handles all of Essence of Harris’ ecommerce) added a tartan lambswool throw to her home, creating a pop of colour for her living room and allowing her to feel more relaxed when she’s at home. Our tartan lambswool throws and scarves can be found here:
Beth (marketing coordinator) said that her Eden candle is giving her the energy boost she needs when working from home. “I’m not a morning person at all, so lighting an Eden candle at my desk and getting that burst of citrus has definitely helped me to feel more awake when starting the day”
Kirsty (head of production) is currently at home with her children and has found comfort in using the Horgabost hand wash as they go about their day; it’s the simple things that can help put your mind at ease during these unusual times.
Are you enjoying any Essence of Harris products in your home? Tag us on social media with @essenceofharris for us to see your beautiful pictures!
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