“Life’s stresses can often dull our natural glow. Like energy that surrounds us, our Auras Collection emanates soothing fragrances, relaxing the body and mind after a long day”
On Monday 6th August, we launched our new range of candles and home fragrance, the Auras Collection, out to the world. It is a project which the whole team has been working on for months, and one which we were so excited to tell you all about! We can’t believe it’s finally here.
The Auras Collection was designed with total relaxation in mind. Between to-do lists, work meetings, school runs and catch-ups with friends, it’s often difficult to find a time in our everyday lives to relax, unwind and take a little ‘me time’. We are constantly reminded of the importance of ‘self-care’, and the benefits of taking some time out to rejuvenate, so the team here at Essence of Harris set out to create a range which would allow our wonderful customers a moment’s peace, with the simple flicker of a flame.
And so- the innovation process began! Those of you who have been following the Essence of Harris journey from the beginning will know that we have built and evolved the brand around our Classic Collection- Seilebost, Losgaintir, Huisinis, Sgarasta and Horgabost, a range we will always be incredibly proud of. However, we knew that if we were to design a brand-new set of home fragrance, it needed to be loved just as much as the Classic Collection, but it needed to have a twist! This led us to create the Auras range with subtle, soothing fragrances, and new white glass- a fresh new look for a fresh new range.
The three Auras Collection scents are available in a 20cl glass and reed diffuser (with scent sachets coming soon!). Aurora plays with the gentle floral fragrances of soothing Lavender and Ylang-Ylang, Oceana is refreshing and pure with cleansing aromas of Samphire and Sea Minerals, and Eden is tranquil and warm with natural Citrus and herbal notes of Lemon Leaf & Thyme. With calming packaging to match- we hope you like them just as much as we do!
When anything new happens here at the factory, we are constantly amazed by the response we get from YOU, our loyal customers. We are so pleased at how positive the reaction for the Auras Collection has been so far, and we just want to say a huge thank you for the support for the launch, and for everything over the last three years. We hope you can all use our Auras Collection as an excuse to put your feet up and relax!
 Jamie, Deenie and the Essence of Harris team x
Have you tried any of the new range yet? Let us know what you think, which scent you went for and if you’re feeling creative, why not post a picture of your Auras candle or diffuser on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Tag us using @essenceofharris for your chance to be featured on our social media channels!
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