Last week, we released the first candle and diffuser from our Elements Range, Adru. As always, we have been absolutely delighted with everyone’s positivity about the new release, and we thought we’d share a little bit more about the inspiration and meaning of our new candle and diffuser with you all. 
The Name
Many of you might be wondering why we chose to name our new candle and diffuser, Adru. The name is that first given to the Isle of Harris, discovered on an ancient map, by Greek astronomer and geographer Ptolemy. The rich history which embodies the name Adru made for the perfect match for our dark, mysterious and rugged new scent of Sandalwood and Wild Nettle.
 The Scent
The scent was inspired by the wild Harris landscape. We are so often, and understandably so, focussed on the coastline of the Outer Hebrides: it’s long stretches of white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. However, for Adru, we wanted to emphasise the other aspects that the Isle of Harris boasts which are often overlooked. The wild, rugged hills which stand tall on the island project an array of colours during this time of year, with autumnal burnt oranges, browns and greens lining the landscape. These hills are home to an abundance of wildlife with rutting stag roaring, and eagles gliding majestically overhead. There is a sense of wilderness which the island conveys so wonderfully in autumn, and it is this rugged beauty which we have attempted to showcase in our Sandalwood and Wild Nettle candle and diffusers.
 The Packaging
This month, we’ve dived deeper into the story of our bespoke Essence of Harris tartan. Our collaboration with Prickly Thistle allowed us to create a piece of cloth which represented us as a brand, and one which conveys the beauty of our island home of Harris. As mentioned before, the thread count of our tartan is a combination of the GPS coordinates of the Isle of Harris and the year which the candle company was born, 2015. For us to use our beloved tartan within the packaging of our new Adru candle and diffuser adds a special element to the release, and one which we are proud to show to our followers.
Have you tried our new Adru candle and diffuser yet? Let us know what you think, and if you’re feeling creative, why not post a picture of your products on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Tag us using the tag @essenceofharris for your chance to be featured on our social media channels!
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