Countdown to the new release!
If you’ve been following along with our social channels as of late, you’ll be aware that something exciting is happening at the Essence of Harris workshop next week- we’re releasing a brand-new candle and diffuser, which we think you’ll love. Although, we might be slightly biased...
Our new range, the Elements Collection, has been a project close to our hearts and the first scent of the collection will be available from Monday 8th October! The new scent, available in a 20cl candle and a diffuser, will have packaging which incorporates our bespoke Essence of Harris tartan and the fragrance will be hand-poured into a sophisticated, black glass. It moves away from our usual look and conveys the rugged, autumnal atmosphere which encompasses the Isle of Harris at this time of year. We hope you love it just as much as we do!
Essence of Harris tartan
The tartan involved in this release of our new Elements Collection was designed and created in collaboration with Prickly Thistle Ltd. The bespoke Essence of Harris tartan first came to life way back when we rebranded in September 2017, and since then, we’ve incorporated the bespoke cloth into our candle packaging, as well as a range of washbags, purses and scarves (coming soon!) and Jamie’s very own Essence of Harris kilt!
The design of the tartan reflects the story of Essence of Harris. Inspired by the natural beauty of the island, the tartan comprises of colours from the contrasting grey rocky landscapes of the east of Harris, to the blues of the idyllic waters and coastline on the west side of the island.
However, the most special detail can be found in the thread count of the cloth. The thread count reflects both the year that Essence of Harris was founded, 2015, and the GPS location of our workshop in Tarbert, right in the very heart of the Isle of Harris- a little added detail which means so much to us. The rich heritage and provenance which runs deep throughout the Outer Hebrides is something we hoped to capture in our design, and we are absolutely delighted to be able to showcase our journey in such a special way.
For us here at the workshop it is more than a tartan, it is piece of our Hebridean heritage that can be shared with the world.
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