As many of you already know, we have grown our beloved Essence of Harris brand on the creation of all things scented; Scottish soy wax candles, reed diffusers and wax melts to name a few. Our Tarbert team head into the workshop every day to hand-pour each and every product for our customers near and far, delicately preparing each one for delivery before it leaves our Hebridean home.
So, it might have come as a bit of a surprise to some of you that our latest release was not, in fact, anything to do with home fragrance! Last week, we announced the release of a line of tartan products which included items such as washbags, hip flasks and coin purses, all adorned with bespoke Essence of Harris tartan.
Although a slight change from our usual home fragrance, the range of bespoke products was designed and created with our values in mind. Just like our candles, we wanted to keep the production of our tartan range as local as possible; representing the true tradition and provenance of tartan and its history within Scotland. The design of the Essence of Harris tartan was completed in collaboration with Prickly Thistle Ltd, a company based on the Black Isle of Scotland, using colours which reflected the rugged and beautiful Harris landscape.
Pixie Bheag, a local designer based on the Isle of Lewis, then hand-stitched each product using our bespoke cloth to create the washbags and hip flasks that can be seen on our shelves today. She used Spanish cork in certain items, which is completely vegan and eco-friendly, allowing us to keep the products sustainable, and in our opinion, pretty stylish!
The ability to be able to source where each detail in our product came from was hugely important to us, and we knew that we could create a premium product with Scottish heritage if we worked with local, talented designers to develop our vision. 
Hand stitched, Heartfelt. 
We hope you like the range just as much as we do! Check it out on our website now: www.essenceofharris.co.uk and let us know what you think!
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