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There’s nothing better than having a gorgeous scent permanently flowing throughout your home. Our reed diffusers are the perfect low-maintenance solution to having a long-lasting scent prominent in your home. They work particularly well in areas you want to keep scented but can’t keep a watchful eye on the open flame of a candle.

They also work well to help decorate your home, filling those empty spaces.

Where to place your reed diffuser:

To get the most from your reed diffuser, we recommend putting it in a cosy space where you’ll be sure to notice the aroma.

An entryway is the perfect setting where you and your guests will be welcomed with an inviting fragrance as you enter your home. Our Seilebost reed diffuser exudes warmth and sophistication, making a perfect addition to entryways and cosy living spaces.

You’ll notice your scent much better in small rooms, so believe us when we say you won’t regret putting one in a small space.

When scenting larger spaces, using multiple diffusers throughout will help you achieve a consistent fragrance and a more obvious scent throw.

Create the perfect retreat in your own bedroom: 

We know how important it is to create a calming environment within the four walls of your bedroom. Lightly scenting your sleeping space makes it easier to relax as you unwind from busy days. The subtle notes of our Losgaintir reed diffuser will make a welcome addition to your night-time routine, whisking you away to a peaceful slumber.

We said it before, and we’ll say it again, reed diffusers work well in small spaces, making bathrooms another perfect spot to place yours. Using a reed diffuser in your bathroom creates an inviting and vibrant environment for you, your family, and your guests. Choosing a crisp fresh scent will give your bathroom that much-needed boost. Our Oceana range is perfect for this, giving you that clean feeling all day long.

Revitalise your kitchen:

Often named the hub of the home, kitchens can be a tricky space to scent, especially after cooking. Placing a few reed diffusers can help eradicate lingering cooking smells. Filling this area with the gorgeous scent of Horgabost will bring a zesty refresh to be enjoyed by everyone.

Bring positive vibes to your home office:

As many of us are now working remotely, scenting your home-office, or working space will make you feel at ease throughout the day. The light and fruity notes of pink pomelo in our Huisinis reed diffuser will bring essential uplifting positive vibes. 

Now you know where to put your reed diffusers, here’s how to get the most from them:

Our reed diffusers come sealed within their glass vessels, just pop off the top to begin scenting your home. Although fairly low maintenance, there are a few things to remember while using reed diffusers in your home. 

On the first use of your reed diffuser, you should allow several hours for the scent to draw up through your reeds and the scent to disperse into the air.

Flipping your reeds is the most effective way to boost scent throw, when you do so is entirely up to you!

Keep in mind that the more frequently you flip your reeds the quicker the oil will evaporate. Flipping your reeds may cause a drip or splash of oil here and there, using a coaster is the perfect way to protect your surfaces while decorating your display at the same time.

We find that flipping all the reeds at the same time is the best way to accomplish the most consistent scent throw.

If you’re looking for a more subtle scent throw, giving your reed diffuser a level swirl will give you the lightest boost.

When to replenish your reeds:

It is important to remember to replenish your reeds along with your oil. Over time reeds can become dusty and clogged with fragrance. Our recommendation is to replace reeds when you refill your diffuser and that’s why each Essence of Harris refill comes with a set of fresh reeds.

Key points to remember:

You should refrain from positioning your reed diffuser near radiators, as the heat will evaporate the oil more quickly. You should also keep the reed diffusers away from windows, as the draft may result in a loss of fragrance – we certainly don’t want that.  

Having reed diffusers situated throughout your home doesn’t only boost home fragrance but they are also a perfect mood booster. Whichever scent you choose, your home will become a perfectly fragranced haven.

Last updated 09/10/23. *Oceana is now known as Mara

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