It is always nice to see where in the world our soy wax candles and home fragrance end up. With our worldwide shipping, it allows us to share the Essence of Harris with customers in locations such as Canada, India, Taiwan and beyond.
Customer photo of our Huisinis tin in South Africa
As will always be the case, we hand-pour, package and send each candle and home fragrance product from our workshop here on Harris and monitor as our parcels head out across the Minch to both near and far-flung places. The knowledge that customers from Harris to London, and Auckland to California, are all enjoying our Scottish candles is one of the most rewarding things for our Tarbert production team to see.
Recently, we were sent images from a group of resorts in Thailand who have decided that Horgabost (Lemongrass & Ginger) is their go-to scent for their guests to receive the upmost relaxation! From one island to another, we love how the power of scent can be shared- even if over 6,000 miles separates us.
If anyone is heading to Thailand, look out for a familiar Hebridean name in Koh Chang Lagoon Resort, Apple Beachfront Resort and Sea-Sun Bungalow & Resort, all found on Thailand’s beautiful Koh Chang island.
We don’t mind where you are- Thailand to Thurso, or Boston to Belfast, we’re always delighted to see your product photos! Tag us with @essenceofharris for a chance to be featured on our social media channels!


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