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Happy Burns Day!

Happy Burns Day!

January 25, 2019

To mark the anniversary of the great Scottish poet, Robert Burns’, birthday, we’re celebrating Burns Night this evening. A celebration which traditionally consists of haggis, neeps & tatties, often a dram (or two!) of whisky, and sometimes a ceilidh; it’s always an enjoyable evening to be had in Scotland, or further afield.
People celebrate in different ways, with the ‘Address to the Haggis’ being carried out by many; an address which ends in the reader piercing the haggis with their knife! Whatever way you choose to celebrate, we hope you enjoy yourselves with some Scottish candles burning brightly by your side, and our bespoke hip flasks on hand, the perfect accompaniment to a night full of toasts to Scotland’s national poet.
Across the pond, Jamie will be having a slightly different Burn’s Night as he travels from Boston, on America’s East Coast back to the Outer Hebrides. On a week-long course at MIT, Jamie and the rest of the 2019 cohort have been learning from the expertise of Bill Aulet and the MIT team in the intricacies of business. It’s been a wonderful, snowy week across the Atlantic with temperatures dropping as low as -20 degrees! However, weather aside, the Scottish group donned their kilts this week and celebrated Burns Night a little early!
Our Adru candle in Boston, where temperatures hit -20 degrees
Back on the island, where the weather isn’t quite as cold as Boston (but the roads are just as icy!) we’ll be celebrating by lighting a candle, raising a glass and toasting to Rabbie Burns. We hope you have a lovely night celebrating wherever you may be.

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