Recently we’ve taken our team out of the candle factory and into the studio. And before you panic, Jamie isn’t releasing a Christmas album! Although we know Essence of Harris is destined for the number one spot! Instead, we’ve been recording our radio feature that’s going to be played throughout the next week on MFR. You should have a listen if you get the chance.
It’s something new that we’ve decided to try out. We’re fortunate that our candles already have such an impact on the senses by smelling so wonderful and looking beautiful in the new Essence of Harris branding. So we thought it was worth talking about the products to those more tuned in with their ears.
The recording studio was a whole new experience that’s for sure. Take-after-take to get the advert sounding just perfect. But we’re really chuffed with the end result. It gives just a wee Essence of Harris with local accent and a few words about our candles and home fragrance proudly made here in Scotland.
If you hear it, let us know what you think! 
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