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The shorter days and colder nights of winter are upon us and everyone is feeling the wear of this harsher season on their mind and body. We encourage everyone to commit to a daily self-care routine that can ensure you thrive during this time until the warmer months shed some sun on us again. Wellbeing is at the heart of our brand and many of our products can be easily incorporated into your everyday routine to create calm and comfort.

Rejuvenate Your Skin

Our delicate skin takes a hit during the winter months as the cold air coupled with harsh indoor heating dries and damages it.

Our body care line is formulated to gently restore and care for the skin while re-nourishing your skin barrier.

During your shower routine, cleanse your body with our best-selling Seilebost Body Wash and lather up with our matching Seilebost Body Lotion.

When it comes to face care, we recommend fellow Hebridean brand Ishga’s Exfoliating Face Wash and Anti-oxidant Marine Cream to provide a moisture surge. 

hands applying coconut hand and body lotion


Choose your favourite room in the home to create a zen space for a calming meditative session.

Set the mood by lighting our Samphire & Sea Mineral candle Mara to create a peaceful and gently fragranced spot for your mindful moment.

Sit down and set a timer – turn on soft sea sounds and close your eyes, envisioning the sandy beaches of Harris.

When you’ve finished, do a series of closing slow breathing exercises and take in the Mara aromas.

lit black glass candle on a wooden tray

Establish a Nightly Routine

Proper sleep schedules are essential to a healthy mind and body – how you wind down each night will determine how well you sleep.

Start your evening in the kitchen making a hot cup of Edinburgh tea.

Turn the bath on and get the bubbles going with our Losgaintir Coconut & Bergamot wash – did you know this wash doubles as bubble bath?

Switch your devices off and reset on the couch with a good book and cosy Harris Sands blanket.

Close up of someone reading in the bath next to a candle

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