And just like that, it’s October! The dawn of Autumn on our doorsteps means that the Harris landscape has started to change in colour with rich oranges and greens sweeping across the hills, and moody, misty skies conveying the end of the long summer days, and the transition into the winter months.
And with the blustery weather comes cosy nights by the fireside, candles lit and warm, soothing baths; it’s a time of the year we just LOVE. This October we’re focusing on helping you all discover YOUR essence, and first of all we thought we’d introduce you to the products you might not have tried yet- all of which can bring you calm on those cold, Autumn nights..
Bath & Body
We recently launched a range of bath and body products- from lotions to bath & shower gels and hand wash, they’re the perfect pieces to include in your relaxation routine. Is there anything more peaceful than a hot bath on a cold evening? We don’t think so! A little squeeze of our Lemongrass & Ginger Bath & Shower gel in a hot bath is all that’s needed for a moment of blissful tranquillity.
Browse our bath & body products:
Wax Melts
Are you a loyal fan of Seilebost? Can’t get enough of Huisinis? Or simply want to try a new scent? Our wax melts could be the perfect solution for you.  They still release the same beautiful fragrances as our candles but are used in either a tea light or electric burner.
Simply break off a square or two into the warmer plate of an electric wax/oil burner or into the dish at the top of a tealight wax/oil burner, switch it on/light the tealight, then the wax will melt and fill your home with scent. And, relax!
Cranberry Christmas wax melts:
Each year we have a unique range of Christmas themed products.
Unlike candles, reed diffusers are flame free meaning no risk of fire but still all the wonderful aromas! So if you worry about whether you’ve left the candles burning when you’re out, reed diffusers might be the way forward. Our diffusers last for approximately 12 weeks so you can enjoy your favourite scent for that bit longer.
Top tip: from time to time try flipping the reeds as this simple re-positioning can help to give the diffusion process a little boost.
Lambswool Scarves
And for when you’re braving the great outdoors! The drop in temperature can be felt already here in Scotland and we’re preparing for the icy weather by wrapping up in our 100% lambswool scarves. Each scarf is made in Scotland using Essence of Harris tartan, which was designed to reflect the island; the colours are based on the landscapes of the Hebrides, and the thread count of the cloth is the GPS coordinates of Harris.
Wrap up warm:
3 wick candles
Not much can beat a candle in our eyes! And our 3 wick candles are ideal for those of you who want to enjoy that warmth and comfort for as long as possible; with a burn time of 45 hours our 3 wick candles will get you through the Autumn months feeling wonderfully cosy!
If you have any questions regarding any of the products mentioned, or anything else, simply get in touch. Use our online messaging button on our website and one of the team will be on hand to help. In the meantime, we hope you have a wonderful Autumn season filled with relaxing, candle lit evenings.
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