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As the leaves begin to fall, and the days draw shorter, there's something special about stepping into a space that wraps you in warmth and welcomes you in to unwind. The art of creating a cosy home goes beyond décor – fragrance has the power to create an ambiance that resonates with your senses and uplifts your mood.

Welcome the arrival of cosy season and refresh your home with our favourite autumnal scents.

Hallway: Welcome the Outdoors In

As you step inside from the crisp Autumn air, greet you senses with the earthiness of Haar. Its woody yet sweet notes evoke the richness of fallen leaves and the comforting embrace of a woodland walk, setting the perfect autumnal tone for your home.

Haar - fig leaf & cedar black reed diffuser on a windowsill

Living Space: Golden Hour Glow

Dusk, a fragrance that weaves together sweet tart notes of rhubarb with delicate floral notes of neroli and peony, grounded with a musky base is the perfect scent for your living room. It's like bringing the magic of a sunset-kissed evening indoors, creating a warm and inviting backdrop for memories to be made and stories to unfold.

Perfect Scent: Dusk - Wild Rhubarb

Dusk - wild rhubarb black candle on a blanket

Kitchen: Aromatic Aromas

In the heart of your home, where flavours combine, let the aromatic scent of Horgabost be your kitchen's signature scent. It begins with top notes of zesty lemon and eucalyptus, followed by the aromatic heart of lemongrass and ginger root. As the aroma settles, base notes of patchouli and warming nutmeg create a scent profile that's as comforting as a home cooked meal.

Perfect Scent: Horgabost - Lemongrass and Ginger

Horgabost - lit lemongrass and ginger candle on a plate

Bedroom: Relaxing Retreat

Your bedroom, a haven of dreams and quiet moments, deserves a scent as captivating as Seilebost. Infused with the allure of black pomegranate, delicate notes of rose, grounding cedarwood, and a touch of musk and plum, it exudes sophistication with a fruity twist. Let this sophisticated fragrance transform your bedroom into a relaxing sanctuary.

Perfect Scent: Seilebost – Black Pomegranate

woman wrapped in a blanket reading a book with a black pomegranate candle burning in the background

With the perfect scents, you can transform your home into a cosy retreat that perfectly captures the spirit of autumn. Embrace the unique fragrances inspired by our island home of Harris, and let each room tell its own story - whether you're curled up in our Harris Sands blanket by the fire or baking a comforting cake (we recommend The Hebridean Bakers Hot Toddy Bundt Cake!)

Explore our range of autumnal candles and reed diffusers and bring the comfort of the season into your home!

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