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Who doesn’t love coming home to their favourite scents flowing through the air? But have you ever wondered how to get the most from your candle?  

With a little TLC, your candle can actually last much longer than you might think possible! Proper care and upkeep can make all the difference when it comes to the longevity of your candles.  

We want you to get the most from your Essence of Harris candle, so we’ve put together a few simple steps that can help you do just that. 


The First Burn 

Have you just taken your candle out of its packaging for the first time? There’s nothing quite like the excitement that comes with opening a fresh new candle and lighting it for the very first time.   

The first time you light your Essence of Harris candle determines how it will burn for the rest of its life.  

Strike a match and watch as the flame ignites the candle wick.  Allow your candle to burn until the wax has melted fully to the edge of the glass. This creates an even melt pool and will stop the candle from tunnelling.  

Did you know soy wax has an excellent memory? by perfecting the first burn you will ensure your candle burns evenly. Your candle will remember where it is burnt up to on its first burn, and this will act as a guide for all future burns.  

We recommend burning your candle for no longer than four hours at a time. This prevents your candle from overheating, and ensures you experience the maximum burn time. 

Watch our video tutorial where we show you how to achieve the perfect burn with your Essence of Harris candle.


Make Your Room Look and Feel Cosy and Inviting 

Create a cosy and inviting space by placing your candles in just the right spot. 

Lighting multiple candles is an easy way to create a relaxing atmosphere in your room with minimal effort while maximising scent throughout the room. Our Classic Collection has been beautifully designed to not only provide ambience to your space but to decorate it too.  

It’s best to keep your candle away from open windows and draughty areas, so if you notice the flame flickering a little more than usual, try moving your candle. 

When burning multiple candles, try placing them at different heights. If you have a large space, make sure to spread them so the warm glow fills your room. We recommend using the same fragrance to scent your space, to enjoy a consistent scent throw.  

Dressing either side of a shelf can help create balance and symmetry in your space.  


Keep Consistent with your Candle Care  

Having well-kept wicks and wax plays an important role in helping you enjoy your candle for as long as possible. And it’s super easy to stay on top of! 

Once your candle has an even melt pool and it’s time to put out the flame, we recommend using a candle snuffer.  Don’t worry if you don’t have one to hand, you can simply blow out your candle gently.  

Your candle wick should be trimmed to a quarter of an inch each time before lighting. A well-trimmed wick will prevent tunnelling and help your candle burn slowly. Our wick trimmer has been designed to make this process even easier.

While burning, the wick may become misshapen and look a little like a mushroom. Simply trim these off before lighting your candle next, to avoid a smoky flame. 


Your Candle is Almost Finished, What Now? 

We know it’s disappointing when your favourite candle inevitably reaches its end but take some comfort in knowing it’s time to light another.  Why not take this opportunity to try a new scent! 

We recommend leaving a quarter of an inch of wax at the bottom of your candle. This helps prevent the bottom of the glass from overheating. Once the remaining wax is cooled it can be wiped clean, leaving you a beautiful vessel to be reused as a plant pot, stationary jar or anything else you’d like. 


Whether you're looking to set an enchanting evening table for a romantic meal or snuggle up on the couch with your favourite book, now that you’ve got all our best candle care tips, you can enjoy your favourite scents for even longer. 


All Essence of Harris candles are made from natural soy wax, which is free from parabens and any harsh chemicals.

Read our candle care guide for more information.

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